Alaskan Running Scavenger Hunt – Seward Edition

Hi everyone! Although summer has come and gone in Alaska (it legit looks like October up here with all the colorful leaves!), I can’t help but write one more post about running in Seward this summer. Up here in Alaska, you often see some crazy stuff while running. I’ve been seeing some cool posts throughout the summer for running scavenger hunts (this was a big one), and I never feel like I can participate because we don’t have a lot of stuff that normal towns have! A traffic light might be a regular sight on your runs, but I’m hours away from the nearest traffic light! So I’d like to invite all of you to participate in an Alaskan running scavenger hunt. I challenge you all to find the following items on your next run:



The ocean


A moose




A train, AKA our main mode of transportation other than cars


A glacier


An eagle




If you see any of these on your next run, take a picture/selfie and tweet it at @RunAwayWithKK! I want to see what you guys come up with!  Once I’m all settled into our new place in Anchorage (which we’re still trying to figure out, talk about last minute!) I’ll be sure to try out a normal scavenger hunt since it’s definitely a real city!

What unique sights do you see while running?  Have you seen any of these things on a run this summer?

Planning My Next Big Race!

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  This time next week Andrew and I will be moving out of Seward and will be on a plane to Seattle to visit his dad!  I can’t believe our time here is almost over!  I think we were all a little sad at work today just thinking about how little time we have left.  We’re hoping to have some more last minute adventures here while also trying to nail down job stuff, find an apartment, and pack up all of our stuff!

In much more exciting news, I’ve FINALLY registered for that half marathon I’ve been hinting about for the past few weeks!  It was a tough choice considering how many amazing races are out there, but after seeing the pictures from this one I knew I had to run it ASAP.  And in typical Kristen fashion, I waited until there were only a few hours left of early bird pricing to finally register!  My first half marathon of 2015 will be:



I am so excited to be running the Zion Half Marathon!  Our plan is to fly into Phoenix, drive to the Grand Canyon (I’ve never been there!), drive to a few national parks in Utah, and then end up in Zion for some hiking and running before flying out of Vegas!  I plan on joining the Angels Club, and maybe even the Trifecta?  No matter what, I am so excited to cross Utah off my 50 states list and get to see a part of the country I’ve never been to before!  And I’m so happy that I won those free Alaska Airline miles so that I can do this much cheaper than usual!  As for how to train for a March half marathon in Alaska…I may need to get a gym membership so that I can get my long runs done no matter how deep the snow is!  I’m sure you’re excited to hear every grueling detail  :)

Have you ever run a race in Utah?  Any advice for a first timer at Zion National Park?  Who wants to run this with me?

Friday Five: Race Day Rituals!

Hi everyone! It’s Friday again and time for the linkup with Eat Pray Run DC, You Signed Up For What?!, and Mar on the Run. This week we’re talking about race day rituals! I think that every runner has their own routine on race day and it’s always fun seeing how each person prepares for a race! My next half marathon is a little over 2 weeks away, and I can already tell what I’ll be doing on race day!

20140309-224855.jpgRacing towards the finish (in the blue shirt and shoes) during my one and only 8k race!

1. I don’t sleep very well the night before the race. No matter how prepared I am for the race, I still can’t help how nervous I get! I’m usually a mess the day before and find it hard to sleep through the night. It’s a combo of excitement and nerves, and I’ve never run a race without it!

2. I only eat oatmeal for breakfast. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! Brown sugar cinnamon oatmeal is my only choice for race day breakfast (and for pre long run fuel too!)

3. I pay way too much attention to my Garmin. I start it super early so that I’m ready to cross the start line, I check my pace every mile and attempt to do math in my head, and I’m always turning it off right as I cross the finish. You know you’ve got those Garmin finish line pictures too!

4. Eating is an actual event. I always start off slow with a banana, chocolate milk, and a bagel until my stomach calms down. But my post-race lunch is always epic! My post-race meals have consisted of everything from pancakes (Disney Princess) to milkshakes (Hershey 10k) to amish-style chicken pot pie (Kris Kringle 5 miler). Back in Philly I almost always ate a breakfast sandwich from Wawa, but here in Anchorage I’ll have to come up with a new post-race food ritual!

5. I start planning my next race as soon as it’s over. No matter how hard a race was, I’m usually researching my next race less than 24 hours later. What can I say, I’m totally addicted to races!

20140413-234618.jpgAnd obviously I wear my race medals all day too!

What are your race day rituals? What is your most epic post-race meal?

It’s The Little Things…

Hi everyone!  Things have been all sorts of crazy around here lately.  Last week was filled with interviews, frustration, stress, and the return of my shaky anxiety heart thing.  In fact, I was such a mess that an interesting thing happened:  I began noticing all the awesome little things that were happening each day.  Think about it – when you’re constantly worried and sad, any moment where you don’t feel that way is an amazing moment!  And since I’ve been noticing so many happy moments in each day, I thought I’d share them here:

I hadn’t run since last Sunday’s hill repeat session…but yesterday I ran a 9 miler at a strong, steady pace and finished feeling awesome.  I remember my last 9 miler back in Philly in February and it was so much harder to make it through that one!

IMG_2774Now that I run with my phone, my RunKeeper app thinks every run is my longest since I used to use my Garmin instead!

I still have a 10 miler between me and the Beat the Blerch Half Marathon…but I tried out a new long run route and I’m now looking forward to running even farther on it next week!

IMG_2766Exit Glacier Road:  low on traffic but high on mountain views!

It rained last week…but we got the most insane double rainbow once it was over!


IMG_2745This was the first time I ever saw a rainbow’s end!

The only Starbucks in town is too far away to walk there on my break at work…but my favorite coffee place in town started serving PSLs on Wednesday AND the owner let me and one of my friends help her perfect her recipe and it’s seriously better than Starbucks!


I don’t technically have a job yet…but I did get one very informal offer for a position (they said to come back in October and we will finalize the details then) and I’ve also got a few other jobs that seem interested in me.  If it weren’t for the fact that I can’t start work in Anchorage until we get back in October, I would have definitely had more job offers already!

On that note, my trip home is messing with my ability to get a job…but I’m so incredibly excited to see my family and friends again!  Plus CHIPOTLE!!!!!

It gets dark at night now…which means that I get to stargaze at night and I get to watch the sun rise over the mountains on my walk to work.


And here’s the absolute best one:

I had a not-so-great experience at the Alaska Sea Life Center’s 5k Rescue Run a month ago…but it turns out that there was a raffle for 25,000 free miles for Alaska Airlines, AND I WON!!!!!  It only makes sense to use them to fly to that race I’ve been hinting about!  I’m meeting with them tomorrow to sort out the details!


So the moral of this story is that sometimes it takes some bad times to realize how awesome your life can be.  I have less than 2 weeks left here, and I’m going to do my best to stop worrying so much about the future and start focusing on all the good times I’m having in Seward.  I’m going to miss this place for sure!

What awesome little things happened to you this week?  If you won airline miles, where would you fly?

Friday Five: Fall Preview!

Hi everyone!  It’s Friday and time for another Friday Five linkup with Mar on the Run, Eat Pray Run DC, and You Signed Up For What?!.  This week is a topic that has me SO CRAZY EXCITED!  We’re doing a fall preview and I seriously can’t wait to start thinking about fall!

20140828-211005.jpgThis is how my running trail looks right now!

You may have heard me mention it in Wednesday’s post, but up here in Alaska it already is fall!  Morning/night temps are in the 40s, I can see my breath when I’m outside, and the leaves are already changing colors and beginning to fall.  And honestly, I’m ready for it!  Fall is my favorite season and I love planning fun things to do!  Fall is a short season in Alaska, so many of the following things are happening on our trip down to Seattle/Philly in 3 weeks.  So what 5 things am I looking forward to most this fall season?

  1. The Beat The Blerch Half Marathon in Carnation, WA:  This race sold out in less than 30 minutes, and it’s obvious why – not only do I get to run with The Oatmeal and have him sign his newest book about running, I get to eat Nutella and cake at the aid stations and may occasionally be chased by The Blerch!  I am so exited for this race and kind of tempted to start using Nutella as long run fuel.
  2. Yuengling’s Oktoberfest 5k in Bethlehem, PA:  This may just be a 5k, but I’m treating it like a huge event!  Mostly because I’m running it with some of my friends and there will be so much food and beer at the end.  Yay!
  3. Apple and pumpkin picking:  I’m going to do this when we go home and I can’t wait for all the typical fall things!  The orchard we go to has the biggest, juiciest apples ever and some seriously good cider donuts!  Plus they serve Pennsylvania Dutch pumpkin ice cream (I can’t remember the brand but it is AWESOME) and you know how I am about pumpkin desserts!  And carving pumpkins is always fun, and probably something I can’t do in Alaska.  This whole post is about fall so I had to share the one super fall activity that we have planned!
  4. Being in my best friend’s wedding:  I am so honored to have been asked to be a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding on October 4th in PA!  She was my maid of honor and I can’t wait to be part of her special day too!  The wedding is the main reason we’re going home in a few weeks so I’m pretty excited to do all the fun bridesmaid stuff that I missed while I was in Alaska and see her finally get married!
  5. Moving and starting a new job:  I still have no concrete job details to share with you – I will say that I did receive a rather informal job offer in Anchorage but I’m still going to interview at a few more places and will make my final decision in 2 weeks when we finish up in Seward.  It’s nice to know that I have something in place in case I can’t get a more serious job offer before we leave (long story)!  In the mean time, Andrew is still looking for a job and we’re trying to find a nice, cheap apartment to move into!  And is it too much to ask for it to be kind of near the running store so I can go to all the fun events?  Priorities.

And because any fall post isn’t complete without it, I would like to give an honorable mention to PSLs, which are on my plan for the entire fall season.  Think I’m crazy?  Then you clearly didn’t read this post.  All you haters can calm down and just accept that this is where all my money and calories are going for the next 3 months.


What are your big plans this fall?  Do you have any races planned?

It’s PSL Time!

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the short break from blogging, but things have been busy on the job search front and I’m hoping I’ll have more to share with you about that later this week!  For now, I’m just going to say that I’ve been up in Anchorage for the last few days doing job interviews.  And I’m totally okay with running from one interview to another for the past two days because on Monday, the most incredible and delicious drink made its 2014 debut:


Yes, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are BAAAAACK!  And I have already had 3 this week!  Now before I go any farther, I know that they are not healthy and since this blog is semi-health related I shouldn’t even condone this kind of behavior.  But I can’t help it.  And according to Buzzfeed and all the posts I’m seeing on Facebook, there are tons of people out there who feel the same way!  Fall is quickly approaching up here in Alaska.  The leaves are changing colors and this was my weather report this morning:

20140826-234112.jpgFor the record, Seward always predicts rain for every day in the foreseeable future.

I’m not going to lie, this is one of the main reasons I moved to Alaska!  I love fall and hate the typical hot August weather we get at home, so I’m all about wearing a fleece on chilly August mornings!  And I think that nothing goes better with crisp mornings than a warm, cinnamon and pumpkin flavored drink!

Now, I know that there are tons of bad things in PSLs.  I’ve been seeing this link going around on my Facebook newsfeed and while I read it and respected what she had to say about the ingredients, I’ve got a few things to say about it.  First of all, most things that typical americans eat and drink are full of stuff like this.  I think most people who drink PSLs are aware that there is no pumpkin in it and it’s full of sugar.  In fact, some people are fighting back agains the above website and posting facts that say that PSLs probably won’t kill you.  If you’re eating a clean diet and sticking to whole healthy foods like you should be, then you will obviously not be drinking these.  But since I’m pretty far away from a clean diet, I’m going to continue drinking PSLs all fall long.  Starting now.


Why am I so crazy about PSLs?

  • I LOVE FALL.  It’s the best time of the year and once PSLs come out, I feel like it’s officially fall!
  • They taste awesome.  Warm or iced, it doesn’t matter.  It’s just a really yummy drink!
  • I love cinnamon flavored stuff.  Cinnamon rolls have been my downfall this summer, and coffee plus cinnamon is the best combination ever!
  • It’s offered for a limited time only.  This kind of marketing strategy makes me mad, but I’m totally on board with this one.  I will eat as many pumpkin things as I possibly can between now and Thanksgiving (or until I get sick of them!) just because I can.
  • PSLs have their own twitter account.  Check it out at @TheRealPSL!  I’ve never followed a drink on twitter before, but I guess this is the time to start!
  • You can’t recreate them at home.  You can try, but they taste awful.  Our office tried it last week and it was the worst Pinterest fail ever.  If you have your own coffee shop then you should totally try it, but for now I’m going to leave it to the professionals.
  • It brings people together!  My coworkers and I have been talking about this for weeks now, and we are so excited that we can finally drink them at work!  The local barista ordered some pumpkin spice flavoring from Khaladi Brothers and I am so excited to try that later this week!

I know that drinking PSLs is a bad habit, and I’d be healthier and save a lot of money if I didn’t do it.  But this is my one big seasonal drink obsession – I don’t care for Peppermint Mochas or Shamrock Shakes and I usually stick to iced caramel lattes so I think it’s okay if I go crazy once a year.  Luckily my wallet won’t allow me to go overboard, but I’ll probably still try to get at least one a week!  It helps that the only Starbucks in Safeway is not within close walking distance of my office, so I can try to resist them!


Are you obsessed with PSLs?  How many have you had this week so far?

Friday Five: Five things I Love About Seward!

Hi everyone!  Time for another Friday Five with Mar on the Run, You Signed Up For What?!, and Eat Pray Run DC!  This week’s theme is 5 things that we love about something, and since I’ve only got 1 more month left in Seward I decided to write about my current town!  There’s so much I love about Seward, Alaska and it’s going to be hard to narrow it down to only 5 things!


Five Things I Love About Seward, Alaska:

1.  I can walk everywhere.  Coming from the 5th largest city in the US, you would think that I’d miss big city life.  But it’s the total opposite!  I love that I can walk everywhere and there is no traffic.  There’s not even a traffic light here!

20140820-235212.jpgI just used this picture, but it shows the size of Seward perfectly!  Small enough to walk from one end to the other in like 20 minutes!

2.  It’s at the end of the road.  There’s something so cool about knowing that you are literally at the end of a 200+ mile road that leads down from the only nearby city.  It makes me feel like I really am living in the last frontier!

20140710-220938.jpgThe view from the end of the road.  All ocean from here.

3.  It’s got both the mountains and the ocean.  I’d rather take mountains any day (hello hiking!) but I’m in love with the fact that there is a beautiful ocean only minutes from my door that is filled with whales, marine mammals, and glaciers!  And while I love hiking the trails around Seward, I love running along the waterfront path too!

IMG_1427Checking out the ocean from the top of a mountain!

4.  The food is awesome!  We’ve got a place that serves caribou burgers out of a school bus, an oceanfront cafe that sells yummy cheesecake all day, and more places to buy super fresh fish than you can ever imagine!  We don’t have fast food, but who needs it when you can get crazy yummy salmon sandwiches and fries instead?

IMG_1467Seward knows how to keep it classy

5.  It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.  I’ve been to some pretty places, but Seward is the best and that’s why we chose to come here for the summer!  Some days I feel like I could take 200 pictures and have them all turn out perfect.  For now, I’ll just leave some pictures of my favorite places in Seward and Kenai Fjords National Park on here:

IMG_0831Aialik Glacier

20140602-231004.jpgExit Glacier

20140622-194837.jpgFourth of July Beach (at midnight on the solstice!)

20140821-194924.jpgThe view from my office

20140707-184125.jpgTonsina Point

While I’m excited to start my new life in Anchorage, I’m definitely getting sad about my time ending in Seward!  I’m so glad there’s another month left of hiking, running, and eating.  I’m excited about all the final adventures we’re going to have here!

What do you love about your town?  Do you like small towns over big cities?  Who is totally ready to visit me in Seward?



Kayaking: The Perfect Workout For People With “Wimpy Arms”

Hi everyone!  Thanks for all your support on my post about my recent issues with anxiety – I am happy to report that things are going well and I seem to be doing better after 3 glorious days off!  It’s so nice to have my usual 3 days off again! Monday I applied for a bunch of jobs as soon as I woke up, and it put me in such a productive mood all day!  I was able to clean our room, do laundry, and run 8 awesome miles before hanging out with friends all night.  And Wednesday I had my first phone interview for a position up here, applied to over 15 jobs, and set up 2 more interviews! Wish me luck because as soon as I get a job I can stop worrying so much!  But the best day this week was Tuesday.  We woke up to the most beautiful, perfect weather and knew that this was our chance to check something big off of our Seward Bucket List:  sea kayaking around Fox Island in Resurrection Bay!  We are very lucky that our boats are the only ones going out to Fox Island, and therefore this is a free activity for employees!  We got our approval, threw on some clothes that could get wet, and headed out into the bay!

20140820-235155.jpgOn the Nunatak!

20140820-235212.jpgOur view of Seward from the boat.  No more snow on the mountains!

Andrew and I have sea kayaked in Alaska 2 times before this, and have kayaked on lakes many times back in Philly.  It’s a totally different experience in the ocean, and given my history with motion sickness I knew this had a chance of getting rough.  But I’d come across an article recently that talked about using kayaking as cross training, and even went as far to say this:

“Kayaking is an excellent cross-training modality,” Cotton attests, “especially for runners, who often have great legs and wimpy arms.”

Um hey, watch what you’re saying about my wimpy arms!  But the article totally pumped me up to give sea kayaking a try in this week’s workout plan!  Plus the crazy beautiful views don’t hurt either.

Once we finished up our lunch on the island, we got suited up and had a basic kayaking training with our guide, Ben.  There were only 2 other girls on the tour and one of them had never kayaked before, so I knew we were going to take it slow and just enjoy the scenery.  And once we were out in the water, I finally started to relax!

20140820-235457.jpgPretty waterfall with a rainbow – but if you look closely at the top center of the picture you will see 4 puffins (look for the white stomachs) in a crack in the rocks!

20140820-235302.jpgMore puffins!!!!  My favorite!

We first paddled by some waterfalls and a group of puffins (fun fact:  a group of puffins is called a “circus”).  After leaving the cove, we were out in the ocean and the wind helped push us along past seals, starfish, eagles, and jellyfish.  The clouds were so pretty, and the sun was so warm!  It was just what I needed to feel like myself again!



Once we reached the north end of the island, we turned back.  This is when things started to get difficult – we were now paddling into the wind, and the waves were much more noticeable.  I could feel my arms and abs burning more and was very grateful when we could pull into a cove to rest.  But it was worth it because we had an amazingly close encounter with a sea otter!  They are usually very skittish but we were able to paddle very close to this one!

20140820-235435.jpgYou can already see the otter – it’s a tiny black speck in the center at the top of the water!

20140820-235446.jpgSea otters are my other favorite – we were so close we could see its face!

After the excitement was over, we were back to paddling our arms off until we made it back to our starting point.  I started feeling nauseous as the waves increased in size, and I was honestly pretty glad to be back on solid ground once we were done!  I think 3 hours in a kayak is my limit!  Clearly that guy was right about my wimpy arms too  :)   But it was an incredible day and definitely a good workout that gave my tired legs a break.  I fell asleep on the boat ride home and then we went to be really early, so it took a lot out of us!  I think I’ll try kayaking on lakes again once we live in Anchorage because me and the ocean do not mix.


How can you try kayaking?  Look up nearly lakes at your local parks, and check Groupon for deals.  Many local and state parks will have kayak rentals if they have a big enough lake!  Sea kayaking is an extra challenge but if you live near the ocean you should try it out!

Have you ever kayaked before?  Do you have wimpy arms like me?

Sometimes You Just Really Need…

Hi everyone!  I’m starting this week off on an exciting note:  I’m back to my normal work schedule and have the next 3 days off!  Yay!  And boy do I need it!  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of last week were pretty scary – my heart pain came back worse than before.  It starts as a pinching feeling in my heart and sometimes spreads out to the rest of my chest and my upper back.  It comes at random times, like in the afternoons at work when I’m typing up passenger lists and listening to music (not stressful), or while standing outside with my coworker in the mornings waiting for our passengers to arrive (also not stressful).  There were no warning signs, but the good news is that there were no other symptoms I would associate with heart attacks like sweating, dizziness, nausea, arm pain, pressure, etc.  I also started feeling this weird “shaking” feeling in my heart – it felt like I was shaking, but my body wasn’t shaking at all, it was only my heart and insides that were shaking!  That new sensation totally freaked me out and caused me to do the one thing I didn’t want to do, which was Google my symptoms.  What I found was that many people experience this pinching/shaking feeling, and they all said that they were diagnosed with anxiety and many were prescribed anti-anxiety meds.  This basically sent me over the edge.  I don’t want to be on medication, I just want to feel normal again!

Once I realized that my doctor may have been right and I might actually be suffering from pretty extreme anxiety, I realized I couldn’t deal with this alone. So I started talking to my friends about it, as well as my mom.  It turns out that many of my friends have been through the same thing, and a few were even prescribed anti-anxiety meds and have been able to stop using them now.  The craziest part is that my mom told me that shortly after I moved up here she was feeling the same symptoms, and rushed to the hospital to get tests only to find that the cause was anxiety!  How is this so common?  Why is no one talking about this?  I felt so alone and scared until I learned that other people are/have experienced the same thing and have gotten through it.  It acted as a mini-breakthrough for me, and after talking to my friends we ended up having a fun night shopping for flannel shirts at the Fish House (this is what we resort to without any real stores in Seward) and going to an improv comedy night that our coworkers were hosting at a local coffee shop.  I woke up yesterday morning feeling much better than usual – and surprisingly much happier too!  I went all morning with only minimal inner shaking and very mild pains, and after having a successful morning putting a few hundred cruise ship passengers on our tour boats I celebrated with a blended caramel mocha from my favorite coffee place!  I seriously missed coffee and I swear I felt so much better after drinking it!  And the best part of the day?  IT FINALLY STOPPED RAINING!

20140817-224350.jpgFinally seeing the mountains in the bay again after rain/fog for 1.5 weeks straight!

The past few weeks of dealing with stress, sadness, and chest pain has taught me a lot about myself.  I’ve learned that there are so many things we want for ourselves, so many ways we think we can improve, and so many ideas of how we can finally be “happy”.  Facebook, blogs, and social media in general does this to us – we see the best parts of people’s lives and that’s all we compare ourselves too.  I’ve read so many blog posts that make me feel inferior because I can’t keep up with the lives that these people are living.  I’m not running 14 miles at a 7:00/mile pace at once or waking up at 5:30 to workout (I do wakeup at 5:30 to go to work, does that count?) or eating only non-processed foods – and you know what?  That’s fine right now.  I don’t need to measure up to anyone else – I need to be the best Kristen that I can be right now and not stress over the future or where I think I should be.  And I’m learning that to do that, sometimes you just really need…

  • To go running as hard and fast as you can and to feel incredible at the end.  Bonus points if your heart doesn’t hurt at the end.  Super extra bonus points if you don’t care that your idea of fast is running your last mile in 9:10 – and being super excited about it!


  • To drink that coffee and trust that your body can handle the caffeine the same way it always does.
  • To find a ridiculous, probably unhealthy Pinterst recipe and make it for dinner.  This week’s recipe:  a grilled cheese sandwich made with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni that you dip in marinara sauce instead of tomato soup.  In case you were wondering, it was incredible.


  • To watch Disney movies with your friends and sing along to the songs.
  • To hike in the rain and not worry about your hair.


  • To call your mom and cry with her.  It feels so much better once you get it all out, and moms aren’t allowed to judge.
  • To eat that damn cookie.  Because fresh baked, crispy yet gooey cookies are hard to find, and if the crew of the Coastal Explorer can make them every day and bring leftovers back to the office you should definitely eat them.

20140817-224438.jpgWhen the boat comes back at 2:00 pm we all secretly hope to see one of these bags in the break room!

  • To start the Blogilates beginner month-long workout challenge and to really look forward to doing small workouts every night because it means you’re making yourself stronger (more on this later!).

Each and every one of those things happened this week, and they are the moments I want to focus on – not the ones where I worried about every detail about my scary unknown upcoming future/the rest of my life and what could go wrong.  I’m going to keep taking things one day at a time while calmly working towards my short term goals of finishing the Beat the Blerch half feeling strong, hiking all over Seward, getting healthier in my own way/at my own rate, and getting a PSL as soon as they go on sale.  Because YOLO, right?


Have you ever had anxiety like mine?  How do you focus on the positives when life is super stressful?  What awesome silly things did you do last week?

Friday Five: The Five Future Things I’m Excited About!

Hi everyone!  It’s Friday again, and this week’s Friday Five linkup with Eat Pray Run DC, You Signed Up For What?!, and Mar on the Run is a free Friday.  So this week I decided to take a look at some future things that I’m excited about!  As most of you know, my future is a bit up in the air – I’m done with my current job in Seward in a month and I’ll need to find a job and an apartment in Anchorage in that time.  Everything seems pretty uncertain but I’m happy to report that in the past week I’ve discovered some exciting things on the horizon!

1.  We FINALLY bought our plane tickets to the lower 48!  Andrew and I are done with work in Seward on September 14 (how do I only have 1 month left?!) and we are going to be visiting Andrew’s dad in Seattle and the rest of our family in Philly before the grand finale:  being a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding on October 4!  We are so excited about the trip and feel that we definitely deserve a 3 week vacation  :)  The tickets weren’t too expensive, and we don’t need to rent cars or hotel rooms so it’s not going to kill my bank account!  Plus I get to see Bella again!  God I miss this dog!

IMG_0629I will be cuddling with her 24/7.  Gotta make up for lost time!

 2.  My next half marathon might not be a total hot mess.  I skipped last week’s long run due to some crazy stomach issues and then it rained all week (yes, so many excuses!), so last week’s 8 miler is being moved to this weekend!  I took a look at my calendar and I think with the time I have left I should be fine getting up to 10 or 11 miles before the Beat The Blerch Half.  I’m banking on some of my “fitness level” sticking around from the Her Tern Half, plus hopefully my new addition of hill repeats and more frequent runs will help get me there!  No matter what, this race is Blerch themed so as long as I can beat my own Blerch, I should do great!  And I will earn Nutella at the end  :)

3.  PSLs are coming back!!!!!!  Okay, I know what you’re thinking – didn’t I give up coffee in an attempt to get my weird heart pain/palpitations to stop?  Well in not so exciting news, they haven’t stopped.  They even happen when I’m not stressed or thinking about anything, which is slightly scary but I’m still going to blame it on stress.  I’ve been missing my afternoon coffee so bad, and seeing so many “coffee is healthy” posts on Buzzfeed and Facebook is making me wonder why I’m even giving it up.  I think just 1 cup a day (which I’ve done forever) will help me more than hurt me.  And today, I mentioned PSLs and the entire office went crazy.  One of my favorite coworkers even called the Starbucks inside the Safeway here in Seward to see when PSLs are coming (he must be new because he replied “October?”and hung up) and then she called one of the Starbucks in Anchorage where they confirmed the rumors online:  PSLs are back on August 25!  To all my haters out there, no it is not too early for pumpkin stuff.  I live in a place where it feels like fall for half the summer so I can totally justify it too  :)  #PSLsalldayeveryday

IMG_1769Throwback to last year’s first PSL of the season.  I think it was 90 degrees that day!

4.  I finally chose my big amazing dream vacation half marathon for next year!  I haven’t actually registered yet because if you read this post you’ll know that I can’t ever pull the trigger on race registration.  Plus I’m pretty poor right now.  But it’s one of the 3 on that post and I am DYING because it looks amazing!  As soon as I register I will let everyone know which one I chose!

5.  It might stop raining this afternoon…or possibly next week.  It’s been raining here nonstop (literally) for a week now and we are all slowly going insane.  I’m not talking normal rain either – I mean cold, hard, nearly horizontal, monsoon rain.  Umbrellas are useless here.  I have worn my rain boots to work for the past week and I have given up on doing anything to my hair.  All of our long boat tours are either cancelled or are turning around before reaching the open ocean because everyone is getting seasick from the 13 foot waves.  And I’m going stir crazy – I’m all for running in the rain but this is ridiculous.  Wednesday night it stopped for a few hours so Andrew and I went hiking out to Tonsina Point, where it quickly began raining again as soon as we took the picture below.  I am so excited to get my next long run in on a possible partly cloudy/drizzly day next week!  I know that Mobile, AL is the rainiest city in the US but I feel like Seward was overlooked!

20140814-201734.jpgThe ocean + the mountains + fog = a really pretty hike!

20140814-201742.jpgWe got a glimpse of sunshine yesterday!  Excited for more soon!

It’s nice to feel like I’m looking forward to something again – for a while there my future was really stressing me out.  Even just buying those plane tickets made me feel better because now I have a real timeline for the next few months!  And some PSLs and sunshine would cheer anyone up  :)

What exciting things are going on in your life this week?  And who else is pumped up about PSL season?