Hi everyone!  Sorry for the longish break in posts, but I’ve been so busy at home!  Between visiting our friends in Philly, seeing Andrew’s family up in Bucks County, and staying with my parents in Reading we’ve been all over the place.  And it’s kind of weird.  I mean, I love Alaska and I’m happy there.  But part of me is sad at all of the things I gave up and it’s been making me want to come back.  Between grad school and the different jobs I’ve had, I’ve been all over the northern and western suburbs of Philly as well as all over the city.  So it’s really weird going back and remembering what it was like to live here.  I grew up dreaming about living in a old, pretty stone house in the countryside surrounding Philly (Doylestown, King of Prussia, or Exton in particular!) but those kind of houses don’t exist in Alaska.  I always dreamed of being able to afford Flyers season tickets, but now I live in a place where they don’t even show Flyers games on TV (and we won’t have cable anyways).  I had a perfect little family with my puppy Bella, and now she’s not able to join us in Alaska and has to stay here with my mom.  It’s been a total mess of emotions being here.  After days of randomly crying over stupid stuff, I’ve realized something:  this is no longer my home.  I have no idea where I’ll end up in life, but Philly probably isn’t it.  And I’m not even missing some stuff that I had – I’m missing hypothetical things that I wanted and now can’t have if I live in Alaska.  I was pretty miserable in Philly towards the end of our time there so I don’t know why I’m feeling like this.  Moving is such an emotional experience and I had no idea how much it would affect me!


Really, I just think this is a confusing time.  We haven’t moved into our place in Anchorage yet, so we don’t really have a home at the moment or know what to expect in the upcoming winter.  I feel like I’m stuck in between what I’m imagining Anchorage to be and what I know Philly is.  And I’m letting my fears take over and cloud my perception about home.  But let’s be real here, life in Philly was not perfect.  If I still lived in Southeastern PA, I would have:

  • Family close by…but I’d have to drive an hour to see them (in traffic).
  • A job working with great kids and an office in Philly…but I’d be overworked and underpaid while driving through hours of traffic between students.
  • Pretty running trails…that took at least 30 minutes to drive to since my own neighborhood was rough and even on the trails I’d be worried about my safety.
  • Lots of races to run…but no running club to join because my town didn’t have one and it took too long to drive to one anywhere else after work.
  • Amazing fast food like Chipotle, Panera, and Chick Fil A…but I’d probably be more unhealthy because I’d eat there all the time.
  • TJ Maxx and Marshalls…but probably less money since I’d be shopping more
  • Flyers games on TV…but a huge cable bill (with Comcast AKA the most evil company in America)
  • The possibility of living in a big beautiful house in the suburbs or a fabulous place in the city…but that’s pretty far fetched considering how much I was making and our prospects in growing in our companies.
  • Friends to hang out with…except most of them have moved away too.
  • A longer fall season full of pumpkins and apple picking…but a hot and humid summer which is the worst.

So really, I’m not missing much.  Anchorage might be one big question mark for me right now, but at least it’s a new place full of possibilities.  We’ve already got friends there, I’m going to join a large and active running club, I can walk to the coastal trail for awesome running, and we live in a busy part of town with lots of fun places within walking distance.  Oh yeah, and the mountains are right there!  So even though it’s going to be tough to say goodbye to my family (I’ve cried a few times already), I know it’s the best choice for now.  I’ve got an awesome new home to get excited about!

Have you ever moved away from home?  Did it feel weird when you went back?  What do you miss the most about home?

Hanging Out in The Lower 48

Hey everyone!  After racing on Saturday and resting on Sunday, I spent a day visiting some fun touristy places in Seattle!  I’ll be heading back to Seattle from October 5-10 for training for my new job, but we couldn’t resist fitting in some fun times before flying to Philly!


IMG_3022Iced PSL at the very first Starbucks.  They spelled my name right!!!

IMG_3025The view from Queen Anne Hill


IMG_3036Selfie with the Freemont Troll!

Now that I’ve gone from small-town Seward back to a big city, I’m noticing some things:

  • I haven’t had cable since April, and wow are there a ton of Alaska shows on TV now.  Spoiler alert:  most of those shows don’t represent what it’s really like in Alaska.  The people from Alaska: The Last Frontier live near a town that’s bigger than Seward.
  • Taylor Swift’s new song is awesome!  The things you miss when you don’t have a radio station in town that plays new songs!
  • Traffic is terrible.
  • I will never get sick of Chipotle.
  • PSLs taste so much better when you buy them at a real Starbucks instead of the only Starbucks in town AKA the one inside Safeway.
  • Gas is 20 cents cheaper in Seattle than in Anchorage.  And it’s 50 cents cheaper in Philly!
  • I can no longer run at night unless I want to get murdered.  And the sun sets an hour earlier down here  :(

But honestly, it’s nice to be back down here enjoying all of the things that I won’t have up in Anchorage.  And now for the best news ever:  I’M BACK IN PHILLY!!!!  Until October 5!  I’m so happy to be back with my family again!  And I’m going to eat all of my favorite old foods and shop at all the stores we don’t have up there.  TJ Maxx, get ready because I’m going to buy everything you have.  And the employees at Wawa will know me by name after only a few days.  I CAN’T WAIT!  Also, prepare for tons of pictures featuring this fabulous cuddle bug:

IMG_3045Bella helped me write this blog post

We have spent hours cuddling already – I’ve missed her so much!  We won’t be able to bring her back to Alaska so I’ve got to squeeze in as much cuddle time as possible.  I’m so happy that she remembered me after all this time apart!

If you only had a short amount of time in your hometown, what would you do?

Beat The Blerch Recap!

Hi everyone!  I had a blast this weekend at the Beat The Blerch Half Marathon!  If you don’t know who the Blerch is, check this out before reading the rest of this.  It’s incredible and totally resonates with me and so many other runners.  First, let me start with packet pickup:

beat the blerch

Packet pickup was in Green Lake which was a super cute area of Seattle.  It was held at Road Runner Sports, and when we arrived the line was all the way around the block to pick up our packets!  I ended up meeting a few awesome people in line and we chatted about fun races to run in the Pacific Northwest while my husband and father-in-law waited at a nearby coffee shop.  Our packets included a sweet zip up running shirt and a Blerch magnet and sticker.


After getting my packet, I waited in another line to buy The Oatmeal’s newest book, The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances.  Of course I had to get it signed, but that line went around the block too!

IMG_3005The Blerch would not approve of this line getting in the way of lunchtime

It turned out that Matt Inman, the creator of The Oatmeal, was not only signing books but was drawing pictures for everyone as well!  I was so excited, but it meant that things moved slowly so I waited in line for another 2 hours.  My husband eventually ran to Panera to get me a carb-heavy lunch while I waited.  By the time he got there, I was next in line!  And when you’re in carb-loading mode, there’s only one thing you can do in this situation:

IMG_3006The Oatmeal in person!  He’s skinnier than in his comics!

Yep, I ate bread in front of him.  He understands the power of food more than anyone else.  We discussed my new job in Anchorage, how awesome the race was going to be, and the best way to eat Nutella (with a spoon or a straw, anything else “dilutes it” according to him).  He drew me a bear because I live in Alaska which is AWESOME considering the fact that he has no idea about my bear obsession!  And he also gave me some good PR wishes on my bib as well.  It was worth the wait and I went home looking forward to the race!


If you know me at all, you know I spent the night before the race being nervous about it.  I woke up the morning feeling calm though, and after my usual oatmeal breakfast we drove over to Tolt McDonald Park in Carnation, WA for the race.  The marathoners were sent off at 9:00 and before they started Matt Inman made a speech about how we all should be at home laying on the couch eating instead of running.  It was the best race start ever!  After the marathoners left, I nervously walked around eyeing the huge boxes of post-race cake before finally starting at 9:30.  My original plan was to start at a 12:30 pace, work my way down to 11:30 for most of the race, and then end faster to get a PR.  I’ve done this before and it worked really well for me.  But something was off on Saturday and by mile 3 I could tell that this was not going to be a PR race.  I couldn’t speed up at all and kept on slowing down despite all my efforts to run faster!  I also felt super nauseous and had a headache for most of the race.  I can’t tell if I was dehydrated or just too warm, but it just wasn’t my race.  In fact, it was my slowest half marathon to date!  But I made a serious effort to just enjoy my time out on the course once I knew a PR wasn’t possible.

Now here’s what you all really want to hear about – the course!  It started on a paved trail but quickly turned into a stone trail.  I would probably call this a trail race because of the uneven surface, which is cool because I’ve never run a trail race before!  It followed streams and fields through shady woods and I really loved how peaceful and pretty it was.  There were 2 aid stations that you passed through twice, and both had typical water, gatorade, and cliff shots as well as cake, Nutella sandwiches, and couches!  There were also people dressed up like the Blerch trying to talk us into sitting down and eating some cake who chased us towards the aid stations.  It was awesome!  At the first aid station we even saw Sasquatch!  Even though there was virtually no crowd support, the volunteers were awesome and I had a great time.  And since it was an out-and-back course, I got a chance to see Matt Inman running back towards the finish and I yelled “Good job!” and him – and he said the same back to me!  Yay for running with the person who has inspired you to push through so many difficult runs!

IMG_3009All smiles and thumbs up at the end of the race!

Throughout the race I never really had that big “crashing” feeling that I had in my last race, but was able to maintain a steady yet slow pace with tons of walk breaks for water.  I am starting to realize that running anywhere but Alaska is going to be tough because of how I react to heat!  I thought about giving up a few times and I’m glad that I was able to beat my blerchyness and keep going until the end.  And at the end, I was rewarded with a ton of people cheering for me, an announcer saying my name, and the best race medal ever!



Also, there was an amazing selection of post-race food!  The cake was so good!

IMG_3010A banana, Nutella sandwiches, a Larabar, cake, and potato chips (which tasted so perfect after running so long!)

Overall, I had a great time beating the Blerch with thousands of other people at the inaugural race.  Stay tuned for more locations throughout the country next year so you all can try to beat the Blerch.  The Oatmeal has hinted that the race is coming to Philly next, and I will be all over that race when it does!

IMG_3012-0Eating all the Nutella after the race!

Do you believe in the Blerch?  What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen at an aid station?

National Park Time at Mt. Rainier!

Hi everyone!  We’re currently having a blast in Seattle and trying to strike a balance between sleeping in and watching TV and getting out and exploring the city!  Vacation problems.  On Wednesday our first adventure was spent at Mt. Rainier National Park.  The park isn’t exactly close to Seattle, but it’s less than a 2 hour drive and definitely worth it!



Andrew and I have been here years ago when we last visited Andrew’s dad here, but we really wanted to go back.  We remembered being totally blown away by how big the mountain was, how many glaciers were on it, and all the unique plants that we’d never seen while hiking before.  This time, we had mixed feelings about it – while it was definitely beautiful, it’s not the largest mountain we’ve ever seen and we see glaciers every day in Seward.  Alaska is kind of ruining the “wow factor” that things used to have when we lived in Philly!  But we still really enjoyed the few hikes that we did here and would recommend this park to anyone who visits Seattle.

Our first stop was at The Grove of the Patriarchs in the bottom right corner of the park.  This is a super short and flat hike to an island where large trees have been preserved for thousands of years, so they have grown to be really large and tall.  It’s so awesome to see how big they are!

IMG_2956You can’t even reach around these trees

IMG_3004 Inside a tree!

After that hike, which was pretty crowded, we headed over to Paradise.  This is the biggest visitor’s center in the park and is the start of many pretty trails.  We had to leave our hiking boots in Alaska due to weight restrictions on our suitcases, so we weren’t really down for anything longer than an hour. We decided to hike to Myrtle Falls, which is a paved hike that’s good for any ability level.  On the way we met the boldest deer I’ve ever seen!  They had no fear and kept on eating while people walked by.


The falls are so pretty and have a killer view of Mt. Rainier!


After the falls, we kept hiking on the Skyline Trail.  The trail went up a pretty steep hill and we eventually stopped when we reached a set of steep switchbacks up the mountain.  If we would have kept going it would have taken hours to do the loop, but we plan on doing it next time for sure!


We only spent about 5 hours in the park but wish we could have spent all day hiking!  We plan on coming back again next time we visit Seattle.  Although honestly, I think Alaska has much prettier national parks!  Yeah, I’m biased.

Have you ever been to Mt. Rainier?  What’s your favorite national park?

Greetings From Seattle!

Hi everyone!  It has been a week since my last post, and I’ve been busy!  Greetings from sunny, HOT (yes 70 degrees is hot for me now!) Seattle!  Andrew and I will be here until next Tuesday so we can visit his dad, hike in some national parks, get a PSL at the first Starbucks, and run the Beat The Blerch Half Marathon on Saturday!  Sunday was the last day of our jobs in Seward and we had to move all of our stuff to a storage unit in Anchorage on Monday.  Leaving Seward was so hard.  It was the best summer of my life and I’m going to miss my coworkers like crazy.  And as for the town itself…there’s nothing more beautiful on earth.

IMG_2897I will miss seeing this view from my office

Between putting our stuff in storage and getting on the plane to Seattle we had a meeting with a landlord to put down a deposit on an apartment in Anchorage!  Andrew and I were up there 2 days last week looking at places and with our tiny price range the places were all pretty…interesting.  Homeless people were mentioned in a few of the appointments!  But we got lucky and found a cute little 1 bedroom apartment in Midtown right in the middle of a bunch of restaurants and stores.  We can walk to our favorite restaurant when it’s too snowy to drive!  We are super relieved to finally have a place when we come back up there in a few weeks!

As for the job search, I finally have some news!  I was offered 3 jobs last week and one of them is basically my dream job!  I don’t really want to say the name of the company for the sake of privacy, but it’s a very well known non-profit that works with women’s heath, sex education, and pregnancy and you’ve all heard of it before  :)  I will be an educator for teens in the Anchorage area!  From what I can tell, I will go into middle and high schools and meet with 1 group of students each day to teach lessons on relationships, sexual health, and pregnancy prevention.  I’ll spend the rest of my days planning lessons, attending community events, and acting as the face of my company.  I’m so excited to finally be teaching – and the best part is that I’ll be making a difference too!  I can’t wait to get started!  The coolest part is that they are flying me to Seattle for training in early October, so I’ll get to come back here in 2 weeks and spend a week learning about my job and exploring the city a bit more!  I’ve never had a company pay to fly me anywhere or pay for a week’s worth of hotels/food, so I can tell it’s a great company to work for  :)

Now that you’re all caught up, here’s what I’ve been doing so far in Seattle:  eating and running.  I’ve been to both Chipotle and Panera so far and oh, how I’ve missed them.  If those restaurants were in Anchorage I’d be the happiest girl on earth.

IMG_2938Barbacoa tacos are the best!  I might eat these every day that I’m here!

I also finally got around to running again!  It’s been over a week since my last run because I was in Anchorage almost every day last week and whenever I was in Seward I was busy hanging out with my friends one last time.  Training for a race during a big life change is not the best idea.  Anyways, I found out that the Soos Creek Trail is very close to my father-in-law’s house here in Seattle and I set out for a 6 mile run yesterday.  Spoiler alert:  I didn’t see the creek at all.  I don’t think it actually exists.



The trail was pretty, but that’s all that was good about this run.  The problem was that I was dehydrated, tired, and not acclimated to the weather at all.  And it was sunny and 70 degrees, which hasn’t happened in Seward in months!  So it was one of the most miserable runs of my life.  I was sweating before I even started running and was thirsty by mile 1!  And the middle part of the run was on a long hot stretch through a field with no shade.  Ugh.


Despite how terrible I felt, I managed to make it through all 6 miles.  I planned on walking home but had to have Andrew pick me up because I thought I was going to pass out from the heat/dehydration.  I’m so worried about Saturday’s race now because it’s going to be in the 70s on that day too!  The good news is that my legs felt great, so I’m just going to pray that it’s cloudy on race day (the weather says it won’t be) so that I don’t feel overheated.  I’m also officially in Operation: Hydrate Like Crazy and that should help get me better prepared for Saturday morning.

My plans for the rest of this week include hiking at Mount Rainier National Park, outlet shopping with one of my coworkers from Seward, hanging out downtown, and getting in one more short run before the race.  Oh and lots of carbs.  Stay tuned for more posts from Seattle!

What are your favorite places to go in Seattle?  Any awesome places I should run while I’m here?


Alaskan Running Scavenger Hunt – Seward Edition

Hi everyone! Although summer has come and gone in Alaska (it legit looks like October up here with all the colorful leaves!), I can’t help but write one more post about running in Seward this summer. Up here in Alaska, you often see some crazy stuff while running. I’ve been seeing some cool posts throughout the summer for running scavenger hunts (this was a big one), and I never feel like I can participate because we don’t have a lot of stuff that normal towns have! A traffic light might be a regular sight on your runs, but I’m hours away from the nearest traffic light! So I’d like to invite all of you to participate in an Alaskan running scavenger hunt. I challenge you all to find the following items on your next run:



The ocean


A moose




A train, AKA our main mode of transportation other than cars


A glacier


An eagle




If you see any of these on your next run, take a picture/selfie and tweet it at @RunAwayWithKK! I want to see what you guys come up with!  Once I’m all settled into our new place in Anchorage (which we’re still trying to figure out, talk about last minute!) I’ll be sure to try out a normal scavenger hunt since it’s definitely a real city!

What unique sights do you see while running?  Have you seen any of these things on a run this summer?

Planning My Next Big Race!

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  This time next week Andrew and I will be moving out of Seward and will be on a plane to Seattle to visit his dad!  I can’t believe our time here is almost over!  I think we were all a little sad at work today just thinking about how little time we have left.  We’re hoping to have some more last minute adventures here while also trying to nail down job stuff, find an apartment, and pack up all of our stuff!

In much more exciting news, I’ve FINALLY registered for that half marathon I’ve been hinting about for the past few weeks!  It was a tough choice considering how many amazing races are out there, but after seeing the pictures from this one I knew I had to run it ASAP.  And in typical Kristen fashion, I waited until there were only a few hours left of early bird pricing to finally register!  My first half marathon of 2015 will be:



I am so excited to be running the Zion Half Marathon!  Our plan is to fly into Phoenix, drive to the Grand Canyon (I’ve never been there!), drive to a few national parks in Utah, and then end up in Zion for some hiking and running before flying out of Vegas!  I plan on joining the Angels Club, and maybe even the Trifecta?  No matter what, I am so excited to cross Utah off my 50 states list and get to see a part of the country I’ve never been to before!  And I’m so happy that I won those free Alaska Airline miles so that I can do this much cheaper than usual!  As for how to train for a March half marathon in Alaska…I may need to get a gym membership so that I can get my long runs done no matter how deep the snow is!  I’m sure you’re excited to hear every grueling detail  :)

Have you ever run a race in Utah?  Any advice for a first timer at Zion National Park?  Who wants to run this with me?

Friday Five: Race Day Rituals!

Hi everyone! It’s Friday again and time for the linkup with Eat Pray Run DC, You Signed Up For What?!, and Mar on the Run. This week we’re talking about race day rituals! I think that every runner has their own routine on race day and it’s always fun seeing how each person prepares for a race! My next half marathon is a little over 2 weeks away, and I can already tell what I’ll be doing on race day!

20140309-224855.jpgRacing towards the finish (in the blue shirt and shoes) during my one and only 8k race!

1. I don’t sleep very well the night before the race. No matter how prepared I am for the race, I still can’t help how nervous I get! I’m usually a mess the day before and find it hard to sleep through the night. It’s a combo of excitement and nerves, and I’ve never run a race without it!

2. I only eat oatmeal for breakfast. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! Brown sugar cinnamon oatmeal is my only choice for race day breakfast (and for pre long run fuel too!)

3. I pay way too much attention to my Garmin. I start it super early so that I’m ready to cross the start line, I check my pace every mile and attempt to do math in my head, and I’m always turning it off right as I cross the finish. You know you’ve got those Garmin finish line pictures too!

4. Eating is an actual event. I always start off slow with a banana, chocolate milk, and a bagel until my stomach calms down. But my post-race lunch is always epic! My post-race meals have consisted of everything from pancakes (Disney Princess) to milkshakes (Hershey 10k) to amish-style chicken pot pie (Kris Kringle 5 miler). Back in Philly I almost always ate a breakfast sandwich from Wawa, but here in Anchorage I’ll have to come up with a new post-race food ritual!

5. I start planning my next race as soon as it’s over. No matter how hard a race was, I’m usually researching my next race less than 24 hours later. What can I say, I’m totally addicted to races!

20140413-234618.jpgAnd obviously I wear my race medals all day too!

What are your race day rituals? What is your most epic post-race meal?

It’s The Little Things…

Hi everyone!  Things have been all sorts of crazy around here lately.  Last week was filled with interviews, frustration, stress, and the return of my shaky anxiety heart thing.  In fact, I was such a mess that an interesting thing happened:  I began noticing all the awesome little things that were happening each day.  Think about it – when you’re constantly worried and sad, any moment where you don’t feel that way is an amazing moment!  And since I’ve been noticing so many happy moments in each day, I thought I’d share them here:

I hadn’t run since last Sunday’s hill repeat session…but yesterday I ran a 9 miler at a strong, steady pace and finished feeling awesome.  I remember my last 9 miler back in Philly in February and it was so much harder to make it through that one!

IMG_2774Now that I run with my phone, my RunKeeper app thinks every run is my longest since I used to use my Garmin instead!

I still have a 10 miler between me and the Beat the Blerch Half Marathon…but I tried out a new long run route and I’m now looking forward to running even farther on it next week!

IMG_2766Exit Glacier Road:  low on traffic but high on mountain views!

It rained last week…but we got the most insane double rainbow once it was over!


IMG_2745This was the first time I ever saw a rainbow’s end!

The only Starbucks in town is too far away to walk there on my break at work…but my favorite coffee place in town started serving PSLs on Wednesday AND the owner let me and one of my friends help her perfect her recipe and it’s seriously better than Starbucks!


I don’t technically have a job yet…but I did get one very informal offer for a position (they said to come back in October and we will finalize the details then) and I’ve also got a few other jobs that seem interested in me.  If it weren’t for the fact that I can’t start work in Anchorage until we get back in October, I would have definitely had more job offers already!

On that note, my trip home is messing with my ability to get a job…but I’m so incredibly excited to see my family and friends again!  Plus CHIPOTLE!!!!!

It gets dark at night now…which means that I get to stargaze at night and I get to watch the sun rise over the mountains on my walk to work.


And here’s the absolute best one:

I had a not-so-great experience at the Alaska Sea Life Center’s 5k Rescue Run a month ago…but it turns out that there was a raffle for 25,000 free miles for Alaska Airlines, AND I WON!!!!!  It only makes sense to use them to fly to that race I’ve been hinting about!  I’m meeting with them tomorrow to sort out the details!


So the moral of this story is that sometimes it takes some bad times to realize how awesome your life can be.  I have less than 2 weeks left here, and I’m going to do my best to stop worrying so much about the future and start focusing on all the good times I’m having in Seward.  I’m going to miss this place for sure!

What awesome little things happened to you this week?  If you won airline miles, where would you fly?

Friday Five: Fall Preview!

Hi everyone!  It’s Friday and time for another Friday Five linkup with Mar on the Run, Eat Pray Run DC, and You Signed Up For What?!.  This week is a topic that has me SO CRAZY EXCITED!  We’re doing a fall preview and I seriously can’t wait to start thinking about fall!

20140828-211005.jpgThis is how my running trail looks right now!

You may have heard me mention it in Wednesday’s post, but up here in Alaska it already is fall!  Morning/night temps are in the 40s, I can see my breath when I’m outside, and the leaves are already changing colors and beginning to fall.  And honestly, I’m ready for it!  Fall is my favorite season and I love planning fun things to do!  Fall is a short season in Alaska, so many of the following things are happening on our trip down to Seattle/Philly in 3 weeks.  So what 5 things am I looking forward to most this fall season?

  1. The Beat The Blerch Half Marathon in Carnation, WA:  This race sold out in less than 30 minutes, and it’s obvious why – not only do I get to run with The Oatmeal and have him sign his newest book about running, I get to eat Nutella and cake at the aid stations and may occasionally be chased by The Blerch!  I am so exited for this race and kind of tempted to start using Nutella as long run fuel.
  2. Yuengling’s Oktoberfest 5k in Bethlehem, PA:  This may just be a 5k, but I’m treating it like a huge event!  Mostly because I’m running it with some of my friends and there will be so much food and beer at the end.  Yay!
  3. Apple and pumpkin picking:  I’m going to do this when we go home and I can’t wait for all the typical fall things!  The orchard we go to has the biggest, juiciest apples ever and some seriously good cider donuts!  Plus they serve Pennsylvania Dutch pumpkin ice cream (I can’t remember the brand but it is AWESOME) and you know how I am about pumpkin desserts!  And carving pumpkins is always fun, and probably something I can’t do in Alaska.  This whole post is about fall so I had to share the one super fall activity that we have planned!
  4. Being in my best friend’s wedding:  I am so honored to have been asked to be a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding on October 4th in PA!  She was my maid of honor and I can’t wait to be part of her special day too!  The wedding is the main reason we’re going home in a few weeks so I’m pretty excited to do all the fun bridesmaid stuff that I missed while I was in Alaska and see her finally get married!
  5. Moving and starting a new job:  I still have no concrete job details to share with you – I will say that I did receive a rather informal job offer in Anchorage but I’m still going to interview at a few more places and will make my final decision in 2 weeks when we finish up in Seward.  It’s nice to know that I have something in place in case I can’t get a more serious job offer before we leave (long story)!  In the mean time, Andrew is still looking for a job and we’re trying to find a nice, cheap apartment to move into!  And is it too much to ask for it to be kind of near the running store so I can go to all the fun events?  Priorities.

And because any fall post isn’t complete without it, I would like to give an honorable mention to PSLs, which are on my plan for the entire fall season.  Think I’m crazy?  Then you clearly didn’t read this post.  All you haters can calm down and just accept that this is where all my money and calories are going for the next 3 months.


What are your big plans this fall?  Do you have any races planned?