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Taking My First Steps Towards Running Again

If you read my PT update from last week, you’ll know that my physical therapist thinks that I’m strong enough to start running again.  She’s been watching my hips to make sure they stay in the right place during every exercise and has been building up my core strength with Pilates, and on Monday it… Continue reading Taking My First Steps Towards Running Again

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PT Progress and a Running Update

If you’ve been following my blog at any point over the last year, you’ll know that my SI joint was injured after overtraining for the Columbia Gorge Half Marathon back in 2015.  Ever since then, I’ve had a really tough time getting back to running, and I miss it like crazy!  So back in January… Continue reading PT Progress and a Running Update

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What’s In A (Blog) Name?

Hi everyone!  As you may have read in last week’s post (or noticed over the last few months), I’ve been taking some serious breaks from blogging.  Mainly because for years this was a blog about running, and occasionally about other random things.  But mostly running.  I wrote about the good runs, the bad runs, the… Continue reading What’s In A (Blog) Name?

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Fall Fitness Goals

Hi everyone!  Fall is almost officially here, and in Alaska that means a total change of daily life for those of us that live here.  It’s going to become a very dark place with lots of slippery outdoor conditions soon, and it always seems like the transition from summer to fall is a big change… Continue reading Fall Fitness Goals

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A Race Can Change You

Hi everyone!  As I get further away from the Lost Lake Run, and I begin to finally walk normally again and process what happened, I’ve got to admit something:  Lost Lake changed me.  I went into that race as an injured road runner who loved hiking, and came out as a trail runner.  Me!  A… Continue reading A Race Can Change You

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Runfessions: Race Season FOMO

Hi everyone!  If you’ve been following my running injury saga for the past 9 months, you’ll know that I’m dealing with an on again, off again SI joint injury.  It’s currently off again, so I’m doing very short, very slow, very careful intervals of running for only 1 mile at a time.  It might not… Continue reading Runfessions: Race Season FOMO

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My New Definition of Running

Hi everyone!  I know I announced this last week on Global Running Day, but I have tentatively started running again! And this time, my return to running is totally different.  The first time I returned to running after my injury back in December, I was obsessed with returning to my non-injured running level as quickly… Continue reading My New Definition of Running

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Happy Global Running Day 2016!

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the break in posts, but I’ve been a little busy up here in Anchorage. Why?  My husband and I bought our first house!  We closed on Thursday, painted on Friday, and moved on Saturday.  I’ve been packing and decorating nonstop since!  I can’t wait to post indoor pics as soon as… Continue reading Happy Global Running Day 2016!