Places to Run Away With Me

Check out this page for some of the fabulous trails I’ve run on!  All of these pictures were taken by me during my runs.  Click on the name of the trail to learn more about it!



Tony Knowles Coastal Trail:  This is the best running trail in Anchorage!  It’s paved and flat, and has beautiful views of downtown Anchorage, the mountains across Cook Inlet, and occasionally Denali!  The trail is in a wooded area and there are lots of moose on the trail so be cautious.

IMG_6701Westchester Lagoon

IMG_3284Denali at sunset


Chester Creek Trail:  This is my usual go-to run after work.  It’s flat and 4 miles long.  It also connects to the Coastal Trail near Westchester Lagoon for longer runs.  I love the changing scenery of the forest, creek, lakes, and urban areas.  And I love that there are street lamps along the trail for running at night.  Note:  there are moose on this trail too!


Campbell Creek Trail:  This is another flat, paved trail that runs east to west through Anchorage.  It has forest views and runs through a few neighborhoods.  As always, there’s a lot of moose on this trail!


Campbell Tract:  This is a flat area to run/hike, but beware of the bears – there have been some maulings on the Rover’s Run portion of the tract, so stay away from that area during the salmon run and be very cautious when the bears are awake!  Despite the bears, this is a good park for making running routes of various lengths due to the many looped trails that run through the park.  Most trails are dirt or gravel.  In the winter be aware of dog sled teams that use this park for practice – some trails are for sleds only.


Powerline Pass Trail:  This is newbie trail running at its finest!  This trail is 14 miles long one way and runs from Anchorage to Indian as a way for the power lines to get out there.  It’s pretty hilly but not steep, and is a dirt/gravel trail.  There are many trails that go up into the mountains for the more adventurous trail runners.  Bears frequent the area, so be prepared with bells and maybe some spray!


Kincaid Park:  This is a very large park that has some of the best views of Cook Inlet as well as some secluded forest areas.  It is some of the hardest running I’ve done in Anchorage due to the short but steep hills, as well as the overabundance of unmarked trails in the park.  It’s really easy to get lost or make a wrong turn, but there is an app you can download that will help you find your location in the park and get you back on a trail!  This park has lots of bears and moose, but the gorgeous views make up for it!  Stay on the paved coastal trail if you don’t want to get lost.



Waterfront Trail:  This trail is very short but it makes up for it in beauty!  You can make this into a 3 mile loop by running up 3rd Ave. back to the small boat harbor.  The trail is flat, but 3rd Ave. isn’t!  In the summer the trail is crowded with lots of RVs but the views are worth it!



Lowell Point Road:  This is technically a dirt road out to Lowell Point, but it’s a great place to run if you are aware of your surroundings and don’t listen to music.  There is no sidewalk and it’s just barely wide enough for two cars, so it’s a bit tricky if there are lots of cars driving out there (usually I will see 3-5 cars per hour).  But the pros outweigh the cons – the views are stunning, you can hear the ocean crashing on the cliffs next to you, and there are no bears because of the cliffs!  Almost all of my long runs in Seward took place on this road.  It’s 8 miles from the harbor to the beach at Lowell Point and back.


Exit Glacier Road:  This is another road in Seward without a sidewalk to run on.  The views are great out here and there are less cars (and more places to run off the road if you see one coming!).  This road is long – if you’re running from town you won’t be able to make it to the end and back unless you’re running a full marathon!


Kenai Fjords National Park – Exit Glacier:  This one is best done early or late in the day when there are no tourists around.  When there are tourists they will hear you coming and think you are a moose!  The flat paved trail can be made into a 1 mile loop but can also be extended if you want to run on the trail up to the glacier, which is rocky and unstable footing.  You can also run out along Exit Glacier Road to see the glacier from the observation turnout point!



Two Lakes Park:  This is a cute little 1 mile trail in Seward that is perfect for walking or trail running!  It’s not paved, but is easy enough for beginners.  There are boardwalks, a small creek to jump over, and lots of rocks and roots.  And like the name says, there are two lakes too!




Homer Spit Trail:  There are barely any trails in Homer (boo), but there is one awesome paved trail that travels the entire length of the Homer Spit!  It’s 4 miles long and is flat.  Although it runs right next to the road it has gorgeous views of both sides of the spit.  A must do if you are in Homer!




Ridley Creek State Park Multi-Use Trail:  This is my favorite trail to run on!  It’s full of hills, but the scenery changes frequently enough to keep you distracted.  The 4.3 mile trail runs through forests, cornfields, and alongside Ridley Creek.  I frequently see deer, herons, and other wildlife while running.  I got married at this state park (at the Hunting HIll Mansion) and also ran my first 5k here!



Schuylkill River Trail:  This trail follows the Schuylkill River from Philadelphia all the way out to Pottsville with some sections that are uncompleted.  It’s flat, fast, and really scenic.  There is even a section that runs through Valley Forge National Historic Park, which has great views of old buildings along the trail!  This is where I run my longer runs because I don’t need to worry about hills or cars.


Philadelphia section of the Schuylkill River Trail:  This is easy to access from anywhere downtown with great views of boathouse row, the skyline, and everything Philly has to offer!  When you get close to the Art Museum you can take a detour to run up the steps like Rocky!  You can also continue down Ben Franklin Parkway to get to the Love Statue and City Hall




Forbidden Drive:  If you’re ever in the Roxborough/Chestnut Hill area, you should definitely check this trail out!  The main trail runs along Wissahickon Creek for 7 miles.  It’s very wide but very crowded, so I would avoid it during super high traffic times of the day.  It feels like you’re out in the woods, even though you’re still in Philly city limits.  There are lots of smaller trails that branch off of Forbidden Drive, so you can try your hand at trail running or hiking as well (some of these are steep!).  It includes old buildings and bridges as well as a covered bridge!




Grings Mill Park: This park is located in Reading, PA. It’s another mostly flat trail that winds along a creek. You get the chance to run past a covered bridge and an old mill as well! The views are fabulous but it’s a much thinner trail and you need to watch out for bikes and strollers.



Wyomissing Creek Trail:  This is another trail that follows a creek!  It’s got pretty old buildings and lots of little side trails to mix up your run every time.  Some parks are flat, but there are hills too!


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